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Final Vie's name is inspired in the fact that I wanted to create a community which [at first] talked about Final Fantasy VII's character's lives. Then the idea of it becoming a role-playing community arrived, and after wards, the idea of it becoming a fandom. Vie is the french word for life; hence the name I came up with for the community.

This community was created in: March, 7th, 2010 by abovejoy

Now, this community allows posts about graphics, fanfiction, fanart, and general talk about the role-play. By this I mean, if there's a new role-player, they'll introduce their character in a post using tags such as "general | rpg - intro". This community allows mature content, but not very strong material. So please, feel free but abstain.


1.The role-play is not just about Final Fantasy characters, original and other characters are allowed, that is, as long as they are kept in character. Really, the fun about this is that you get to feel like you're talking to the actual characters, so try your hardest to act like them.
2. To request a character to role-play with, you must first become a member of the community, and then go to Request Characters.
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